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Clip from Rondo of K495 (the cadenza)

This is a little cadenza I composed for the Rondo of Concerto K495.


Thanks to Armin Terzer for editing and YouTube-ing this clip for me.

The whole recording is available on:


From the CD’s booklet notes:
“In attempting to escape from the instrument’s constant pull towards E flat major, I have tried to stretch its scant chromatic capabilities as far as practically possible (in particular by using diminished harmonies) while attempting to keep within the spirit of Mozart’s horn-writing and what is known of his cadenza style. I can only apologize to the ghost of Mozart for any musical crimes I may have committed. In my defence (and in that of horn players everywhere), if a cadenza is indicated by Mozart we are obliged to do at least something.”

For more information visit:

Listen to a bit?




Hyperion Records CD cover picture.

CD front cover.

A lovely bit of artwork from Nick Flower, Head of Production at Hyperion Records Ltd.
Hyperion Records Ltd