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Horn player, Photographer, Trumpet player

Fleet and frothy in New York

It’s so nice to get a good review, particularly when it’s somewhere culturally significant – New York, for example:

“One of the highlights for me tonight was the truly magnificent work by the horns, who played both with incredible accuracy and wonderful fullness of tone. In the hunting episodes of the “Eroica’s” scherzo they were fleet and frothy; in the climaxes of the tragic second movement, and especially in the big moments of the finale, they rang out gloriously. The audience applauded loudly for them at the end when Fischer singled them out for a bow.”

This particular concert was Beethoven’s 2nd and 3rd symphonies with Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment at the Alice Tully Hall in the Lincoln Center, New York City. The conductor was Ivan Fischer. Now, I’m not usually one to heap praise onto conductors but this man has something rather special. His method seems to be quite unusual in that it seems to be based on listening to the musicians he’s working with. Right from the start of the rehearsals I noticed this unusual behaviour. He worked with us, listening, reacting, taking what was there, finding interesting sounds and structures and drawing everyone’s attention to it. There was a strong improvisational element here which I enjoyed very much – and, clearly, so did he. It was dangerous, however. We never knew what was going to happen next. He was clearly enjoying himself and he launched into each of the four concerts we played with him like demented hyena. He was at all times entertaining and inspiring and risk-taking.

I’d like to thank Martin Lawrence and Gavin Edwards for their PERFECT horn playing. We were using primitive horns with no moving parts. Just tubes with holes at each end.

The OAE is a great little orchestra! Congratulations to everyone involved in those four marvellous Beethoven concerts.

Here’s a link to the complete review:

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