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Horn player, Photographer, Trumpet player

Superfluous scales

The harmonic minor scale. What’s all that about?

Nothing. It’s useless. I’d ban it if I could. Anyone here from the Associated Board reading this? Well, please scrap the harmonic minors. They are a useless and irritating waste of everyone’s time. Amen.

‎…and while I’m at it I’d also scrap the of silly downward difference of the “melodic” minor. The melodic minor going up is a fine scale, but why come back down by a different route? Why? Good question. There’s no reason.

So, lest just have two scales.  Major, and the Minor (the same but with the third flattened, keeping the major seventh). Just two scales …and all their modes, of course, haha! Hey, this is what they do in jazz. It makes a whole lot more sense as a workable and useful system.

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  2. Gill Gordon

    I teach piano and brass. Have stopped using Ass Board because I felt they were less musical in the additional tests than Trinity – have heard Mike Thompson on his hobby horse re aural tests(!) Having given the matter of scales a lot of thought, I think they are constructed to best reflect the use of keys in composition. My take on it when teaching is that as piano is a harmonic instrument, I start with harmonic minors with piano students and melodic with brass (cos obviously they are melodic instruments. I like the way Trinity has a small group of scales in each grade and expects them to be played to a very high standard. It makes more sense than Ass Board scatter gun approach.
    Loved the Konzertstuck on Thurs by the way!!

    Having said all that, I have always been one of a strange breed who actually LIKES practising scales. Do ever get students like that? I think they are few & far between!

    Feb 25, 2012 at 2:34 pm

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