Pip Eastop, Horn player, Photographer, Trumpet player

Horn player, Photographer, Trumpet player

The Halle Orchestra

One of the great things I find about being a freelance musician is the sheer variety of work. I’ve just come back from tour with The Hallé Orchestra. We went to South America and played two concerts in Sao Paolo, one in Rio de Janeiro, one in Santiago (Chile), two in Buenos Aires and one in Montevideo (Uraguay). We played Don Juan, piano concertos by Liszt and Grieg, Enigma Variations, Shostakovitch 1st Symphony and a bunch of encores. 

I had a wonderful time.  It felt like April in Sao Paolo, July in Rio, March in Santiago, May in Buenos Aires and November in Montevideo… I didn’t get ill once. Okay, maybe a couple of mild hangovers… there were a couple of free days and they make great wine in South America….

The horn section were extremely warm and welcoming towards me. I thought we sounded great, despite some really unhelpful acoustics. The hall in Sao Paolo was a proper concert hall with a really nice acoustic but after that it was all crumbling old theatres with tiny cramped stages – which made me feel as though I was playing into a pile of cardboard boxes.  

It was quite a culture shock to come back from that trip and move into Angel Studios (Islington) for a week of film sessions. I spent a week playing very easy stuff sitting between Martin Owen (principal horn, BBCSO) and Simon Rayner (principal horn at Covent Garden). Good company indeed, but very sloooow sessions.

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