Pip Eastop, Horn player, Photographer, Trumpet player

Horn player, Photographer, Trumpet player

“Take tunes off records”

Today I read something great. It is a quote from the pianist Howard Levy:

“Really, the best way to learn is to take tunes off records, because you’re utilizing your ear. It takes a lot of knowledge and experience to be able to do this, but it becomes so easy to hear pieces in their component parts if you actually do the work yourself. Then you start trying to write the changes out by ear. In the beginning, you’re going to write out things wrong. You’re not going to know what’s right for the first few years that you do this. But in the end, you see your mistakes and you really learn it.”

(I found this quote on page 93 of Paul F. Berliner’s wonderful book, “Thinking in Jazz – The Infinite Art of Improvisation”. It’s a massive, scholarly work, full pithy wisdom and mind-expanding quotes by all sorts of famous musicians. Published by The University of Chicago Press ISBN 0-226-04381-9)

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