Pip Eastop, Horn player, Photographer, Trumpet player

Horn player, Photographer, Trumpet player

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Tony Halstead – living legend

What a great delight it was to see Tony Halstead on the sessions for Give It One

Tony is one of the most modest and most brilliant of all hornplayers. He has the best low register of them all and, somehow, amazingly, the best high register, too! How incredible is that?

Most people are so knocked out by his low playing and his high playing that they fail to notice that he’s also got the best middle register! He’s also a famous conductor and a complete master of the harpsichord. 

Tony Halstead

Also in photograph – Tony Chidell and Richard Bissill


Tony runs a fascinating website called Halstead Music, where you can buy horns, CDs and other cool horn-related stuff. If you need a new horn Tony would be an excellent person to buy from. Click to visit