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Horn player, Photographer, Trumpet player

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Byron Fulcher in Royal Albert Hall dressing room.

I shot this one of Byron just a few minutes before he went onstage to play Berio’s “Sequenza V” for solo trombone.

Byron Fulcher of the dark trombone arts


Byron Fulcher and The Art of the Psychedelic Trombone


Byron Fulcher – the quiet attack

Here area a couple of photos of Byron – principal trombonist in The Philharmonia Orchestra

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The first is backstage just before a concert in Munich. I managed to capture him practising his devastating stealth-attack. It is so powerful it can blast open the doors of a lift.

The second photo is another of Byron which I’ve sort of “posterized” to more accurately show the heat coming off him when he plays. He has to wear flame-retardant tails suits during concerts.