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Troy, the lost score

In 2003, Gabriel Yared wrote a wonderful score for the film, Troy.

In February, 2004, I was fortunate enough to be in the orchestra which recorded it, in Abbey Road, Studio 1. Everyone involved thought it was some of the finest film music we’d ever heard. 

Shortly after the buzz went around that the whole lot had been rejected and that it was to be re-written by a different composer and re-recorded. 

I went to see it. I didn’t like it. The film was a flop. I blame the music.  

Read what Gabriel Yared, himself, says about it – in the news section of the Music From The Movies website.

During the sessions I took quite a few photographs. I put them in an online gallery. Click to see them.  

I hope that one day someone re-edits that film and puts the original music back in…

26500607img_3366web-1.jpg (Nigel Black and Jeff Bryant)

26521072img_3387web.jpg (Nick Busch – and the one in the background with the tiny head is Richard Clewes)