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Give It One – overview

Here’s a picture I took from the balcony of Air Lyndhurst Studio of nearly the whole group.

The maximum time delay on my camera is only ten seconds and I figured that I could’t get through the four sets of heavy doors, down the stairs and into the group with my horn at the ready in that short time, so I’m missing from the photo. Still, that empty chair is my chair.

I think they are recording Tim Jackson’s “Edelweiss” at this moment.

If you don’t know anything about this you might like to skip to www.giveitone.com where there’s lots of information about this
amazing new horn recording.

Tony Halstead – living legend

What a great delight it was to see Tony Halstead on the sessions for Give It One

Tony is one of the most modest and most brilliant of all hornplayers. He has the best low register of them all and, somehow, amazingly, the best high register, too! How incredible is that?

Most people are so knocked out by his low playing and his high playing that they fail to notice that he’s also got the best middle register! He’s also a famous conductor and a complete master of the harpsichord. 

Tony Halstead

Also in photograph – Tony Chidell and Richard Bissill


Tony runs a fascinating website called Halstead Music, where you can buy horns, CDs and other cool horn-related stuff. If you need a new horn Tony would be an excellent person to buy from. Click to visit

Give It One – photo gallery

I took quite a few photos during the Give It One sessions. 

You can find some of them here.

Give It One – any day now….

It’s October, the month set for the release of the new London horn big band CD.

I had a look a the Give It One website and found a page full of track information. It gives the titles of all the tracks, the names of the composers or arrangers and for anyone who can’t wait (that’s including me) it allows you to listen to a short clip from every track! Nice work, Cala Records.

Such was the enthusiasm for this project by all the composers involved that there was too much music for the CD! After a lot of agonising it was decided that Tim Jackson’s absolutely brilliant suite of pieces called “Sound of Music Jazz Suite“. Would be made available as a download from the Give It One website rather than break it up. Personally I’m very sorry it’s not on the CD, as it’s a truly marvellous peice of work. 

I imagine the download will appear on the site when the CD is officially released …any day now. Make sure you hear it!

“Thank you for your patience…”

...coming soon...

...coming soon...

If you go to the new “Give It One” website you’ll be thanked for your patience while the site is being built.

In that respect it’s a bit like this one (so, er, thank you for your patience). 

I’ll be writing more about Give It One in due course but it’s something we (me and lots of my hornplaying colleagues) have been waiting for, patiently, for AGES!

What is Give It One?  
During the last few days of 2007 a large body of hornplayers met in Air Studio, Hampstead, London, to work on a new album:


According to its website, the album…

“…will be released during October 2008, as a companion to “The London Horn Sound“. Sixteen of London’s finest horn players have come together to form the world’s first French Horn Big Band, in collaboration with Britain’s leading young jazz pianist (and sometime horn player) Gwilym Simcock.”

It’s been a very, very long wait! I can’t wait to see it and hear it. What I can tell you is that without a doubt it’s going to be an absolutely AWESOME CD! The new pieces and arrangements are magnificent, the sound is stunning, and Gwilym Simcock is wonderful. I can’t say much about the actual hornplaying because quite a lot of it is me… but aside from my own contribution I can tell you it’s pretty impressive stuff.