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“Hornwaves” (The album)

HORNWAVES – Quartets for Solo Horn

by Pip Eastop (1984)


Exerpt from sleeve notes:

“The music on this recording was made up on the spur of the moment and it was my deliberate plan NOT to have any musical ideas in my head before we started rolling. In this way I feel I have achieved a certain spontaneity of musical expression and have proved to myself (at least) that composing music doesn’t necessarily mean countless hours of paperwork and brain strain. It was a very liberating experience to create music in this way – cutting out the middleman, the composer, and putting musical thought straight down, no fuss or bother. I recommend it to any musician who is fed up with playing other people’s music and being told how to play it. For me it was my most exciting musical experience to date…”

The whole of this album is available, free, to download, track by track.
Choose from the list below to download or listen:

Echo-Counterpoint 2.1MB 

Fanfare 1MB

Hornwaves 3.4MB
Natural Harmonics in Morse 3.3MB
Ninths 5.3MB
Nocturne 2MB
Rather Scrappy 1.7MB
Spunky Horn 2.4MB
Sunday Afternoon 1.9MB
Sunday Morning 2.7MB
Walls of Jericho 3.7MB
Grosse Fugue 2.3MB
Mountains 2.7MB


Tape hiss:

This album was only ever published on cassette. The sound was never very “hi-fi” because the method used to layer the overdubs compounded what was already quite a noisy recording due to some slightly dubious home-made recording equipment involving video tapes. At the time we were very much in the pre-digital era. 

Judge for yourself if it’s worth hearing, musically speaking, and please be tolerant of the hiss.

I am very grateful to Jon Farley for compling and remastering all of these tracks.