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Giant Steps

Still practising! I’ve been working on John Coltrane’s essential standard, Giant Steps. It’s a real earbender, but I think I’ve found a way in – an initial way of taking the fear out of it.

It’s a colour coded grid of the chord changes. Pretty self explanatory. It shows that the whole piece can be done, as if by magic, using only the notes of three major scales – in this case Db major, A major and F major. The three colours correspond to the three chords so you get visual cue to change chord. Please take a look.

Please note it’s for Bb trumpet. I use it with the excellent slow Aebersold playalongs to Giant Steps found in volume 65, “Four and More”.

All The Things You Are

I spent a bit of time over at Jim Rattigan’s house yesterday. We did some rather basic work on 2-5-1 progressions. Exactly what I needed. Then we worked a bit on “All The Things You Are”.

Here’s a lead sheet (please let me know if you find this link doesn’t work)