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Busker in Golders Green, London

Near Oxford Circus, in central London

The start of some snow.

Near Oxford Circus in central London

John Wilson Orchestra Showcase at EMI Studios, Abbey Road

Nick Hougham, Tim Ball and Chris Parkes (Principal) are the hornplayers seen here at Abbey Road.

This was fun – a promotional play through of some fantastic bits of MGM film scores.
This band sounds incredible. If you haven’t heard it yet, then you’re in for a massive treat.

I took the photo during the rehearsal. For the performance we all wore smart black and looked nearly as good as we sounded.

Buskers – London


Musicians at work near the Festival Hall at the Southbank, London.

Zak Eastop


My son Zak photographed underneath the Queen Elizabeth Hall, South Bank Centre, London

Arthur and Lucas

Arthur Jussen and Lucas Jussen, pianists. London Chamber Orchestra at St. John's, Smith Square, London.

Arthur Jussen and Lucas Jussen, star pianists. London Chamber Orchestra at St. John’s, Smith Square, London.

Tina Gruenberg – LPO publicity photograph

Tina Gruenberg, violinist, and member of the London Philharmonic Orchestra, recently asked me if I’d take some publicity photos of her.
I suggested that we use the newly refurbished Festival Hall as a setting.

The LPO have chosen to use this one for the front cover of their programmes for the entire season of 2010/11. They will be printing millions of them.

It looks like this:


And here’s another one from the same photo session:

Poster for “Kind Of Blue”, live in London

MDPB 2010 poster Jpeg.jpg