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Superfluous scales

The harmonic minor scale. What’s all that about?

Nothing. It’s useless. I’d ban it if I could. Anyone here from the Associated Board reading this? Well, please scrap the harmonic minors. They are a useless and irritating waste of everyone’s time. Amen.

‎…and while I’m at it I’d also scrap the of silly downward difference of the “melodic” minor. The melodic minor going up is a fine scale, but why come back down by a different route? Why? Good question. There’s no reason.

So, lest just have two scales.  Major, and the Minor (the same but with the third flattened, keeping the major seventh). Just two scales …and all their modes, of course, haha! Hey, this is what they do in jazz. It makes a whole lot more sense as a workable and useful system.

Effsharpminor Syllabub

I found this, while looking through some old photographs. 

effsharp minor

I must have thought it worth keeping or I wouldn’t have written it down, or taken the photo. I’ve not seen the actual bit of paper since that day. 

It’s an arpeggiated exercise for learning chordal patterns within F# Melodic Minor. It may seem a bit abstruse but all those patterns are very useful. 

I’ve just tried to play it – and it’s very difficult. That’s over four years now (going by the date stamp of the photo) and I still haven’t learned it. I think I’d better get on with it…

The modes of the melodic minor

Long gap since the last post here. Still practising, though!

Here’s an excersise I’m working on a bit now. The idea of it is to get me right into the feel, into the nitty-gritty, of the melodic minor by getting used to some awkward angular intervals contained within it. The melodic minor (up) or MinorMajor scale is so useful because its modes yield a lot of common jazz scales, such as the altered “Alt” scale (7th mode) or the half-diminished scale with a raised 2nd (Locrian #2).

I’m going to try to learn this in all twelve mM scales. It’s very awkward, particularly in the keys furthest away from C.