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Horn player, Photographer, Trumpet player

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Near Oxford Circus, in central London

The start of some snow.

Near Oxford Circus in central London

Through an harp

Vicci Wardman (viola), Tim Gill (‘cello )and Helen Tunstall (harp).

John Wilson Orchestra Showcase at EMI Studios, Abbey Road

Nick Hougham, Tim Ball and Chris Parkes (Principal) are the hornplayers seen here at Abbey Road.

This was fun – a promotional play through of some fantastic bits of MGM film scores.
This band sounds incredible. If you haven’t heard it yet, then you’re in for a massive treat.

I took the photo during the rehearsal. For the performance we all wore smart black and looked nearly as good as we sounded.

Ben Foster


Ben is the conductor of Peter Gabriel’s “New Blood Orchestra” – and a very nice chap he is, too.

My brother, Nick


My brother, Nick, is a bass trombonist.
He’s probably the finest in the world…

Byron Fulcher of the dark trombone arts


Trumpet maestro, Sir John Barclay


Jade and her Alexander 103

I made these photographs for Jade to use as a possible profile photo for use on the web etc.

The first one was pretty straightforward:

…but the second one took rather longer to do. Taking all the background colour away certainly makes the horn stand out and Jade’s certainly pretty enough not to lose anything by being monochromed and somewhat pushed into the background – and, in any case, it’s not really meant to be used as a serious photograph.