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America’s first jazz president!

How wonderful to know that those evil warmongering Republicans have been shown the door!

Despite far too little sleep (I was watching the election results coming in during the night) I’m feeling euphoric. I feel like I did when Tony Blair got rid of the tories (this was before he became one himself).

America has elected a jazz president! I don’t mean because he’s black. I mean his voice. Listen to him addressing a large crowd – his performing voice. It’s wonderful! It’s pure jazz. He’s got rhythm. I’m going to find a recording of one of them and transcribe it for trumpet and see if I can get some of it into my playing.  

I’m allowing myself to suspend my cynicism today and to believe that the world might become a better place. 

(That’s what I felt when Tony Blair became the Prime Minister …before he screwed up.)

(Tony Blair didn’t swing, though….)