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Using the QY70 sequencer

The QY70 is great! I’ve learned how to program it to change chords through a specific sequence and I spent about 90 minutes late into the night, cup mute firmly in, playing Locrian modes over all the X flat minor ninth chords.

The Bossanova setting is really nice, but there are loads of different ones I can use. It’s going to be a doddle to use. All I need now is loads of time – the problem is that it’s school holidays right now and it’s very difficult to find time to practice, apart from late into the night.


Ho-ho! Just bought a new toy on an impulse, while shopping in Chappells for music stands and an Aulos sopranino recorder for Zak (3). It’s a Yamaha QY70 “music sequencer”. A fabulous portable (tiny) box of tricks with which I can (when I’ve read he manual a few times) program accompaniments for my jazz practice. It was reduced in price by £150 with a “find it cheaper anywhere else and we’ll kill you” pledge attached to it. 

I also bought a very usful-looking book called “1001 Jazz Licks”. I’m spending a lot on all this jazz stuff. Thank goodness the cornet didn’t cost me anything!