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2nd jazz lesson

My second lesson with Ken Bartels.

Unsurprisingly, we started where we had left off and this felt like me showing him my homework – a strange feeling as it’s some 25 years since I left school. The homework was playing through the Aebersold book, “Blues in all keys”, firstly sticking exclusively to the blues scale of each key, secondly using only the given chord notes to build the tunes.

I told him I had worked on it for quite hard for a couple of weeks but then had got “sidetracked” by such exotic things as Locrian modes and diminished whole-tone scales. I was crap at my homework – which was a bit embarrassing – and the end result was that the same homework still stands for the next lesson. Groan.

For the second half of the lesson we did some keyboard work which was very interesting and my keyboard homework is to learn my 11-V-1 progressions, in all keys and in both hands. It’s a lot of work. He also recommended a couple of books, which I have ordered – John Mehegan’s “Contemporary Styles for the Jazz Pianist”, and Mark Levine’s “The Jazz Piano Book”.