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My bit of Mariachi trumpet craziness.

Last week, my very good friend and composer, David Mitcham, asked me to come to his studio in the small village of Stert where he lives and works as a composer.

This time he asked me to bring my trumpet along as well as my horn. The music was for a wildlife film – part of ┬áthe series currently titled “How Nature Works”. He wanted the trumpet for a scene involving a colony of ants who collect seeds and take them underground. These were South American Ants so to inject some latino flavour David wrote a great tune in the Mariachi style.

It was amazing fun to play it – I could absolutely let rip, with a crazy amount of vibrato and swagger. I don’t think I’ve ever gone quite so mental playing anything before.

David kindly sent me this clip and gave me his permission to share it online.

Turn it up as loudly as it will go….


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